Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ochocino's position in Bengals is in danger?

It was said that Carson Palmer's absence because of elbow problems partly caused Ochocinco's bad performance in 2008 seaon. Ochocinco only finished 53 receptions, 540 yards and four touchdowns during the 2008 season. And now since the veteran quarterback has been back in perfect form, Ochocinco is expected to prove his value again.

Palmer, however, denied his responsibility for Ochocinco’s bad performance in an interview on Sirius NFL Radio. It seemed that he was disappointed with Ochocinco and praised another teammate Chris Henry. We can consider his praises as both threaten and reminding to Ochocinco.

We can hope Ochocinco to prove him an elite WR again if he hears Palmer's statements.Write For Pay

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