Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jerry Rice sets high standard for current receivers

As a will-be Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice will be glad to see a lot of young receivers are taking aim at lofty standards.
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During his 19 years of career, Rice has redefined his position by holding nearly all of the records at the position, tallying a high number of receptions and producing an extraordinary amount of big plays during his career. He also created numerous opportunities for his teammates by attracting double coverage. His impact has been invaluable to the San Francisco's championship teams.

To match his standards, younger elite receivers should be judged on how they impact the game with their skills. They will have to be able to put the offense on their back at critical moments and find a way to rise above the added attention and influence the game in Rice-like fashion.

That is nothing easy, but a host of receivers in this generation are doing their best to make it, some of them wear denver broncos jersey.

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