Friday, August 21, 2009

Brees back with Saints, ready for playing in preseason game

Quarterback Drew Brees returned to the New Orleans Saints’ practice field and was ready for Saturday’s preseason game against the Houston Texans.

Brees skipped practices because he went to attend the funeral of his mother, Mina Brees, who died Aug. 7 in Colorado. Upon the returning on Thursday, Brees said that time has helped him deal with his mother’s death and that he can focus on his work as an athlete wearing nfl jersey now.

“When my mom first passed away, it was just such a shock,” he said. “And now that it’s been almost two weeks, and we’ve already had the memorial services, so to have those and feel like there’s some sense of closure, that makes it (where) I’m able to compartmentalize that enough and try to think about football.”

Brees expressed his gratitude to the team’s support. Saints owner Tom Benson let a group of players and coaches use his private jet to attend Monday’s service. He said that he would get back into rhythm in shortest time and be ready to start the Saturday preseason game against the Texans.

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