Monday, August 17, 2009

Chris Brown became Slaton's strong backup

In the preseason opener the Houston Texans playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, it was Chris Brown who impressed people most as a sub for starter Steve Slaton.

Brown scored Houston’s only touchdown and rushed for 25 yards on six carries while catching two passes for 22 yards.
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“That was very exciting, and that’s what he is,” head coach Gary Kubiak told Texans’ official site. “He’s a big back in the red zone and gets the ball going downhill. That’s what we need him to do, and he looked like his old self tonight, so I felt very good about his time.”

That explained why Brown was used heavily in the red zone on Houston’s touchdown drive. It can be expected that the No. 2 running back spot would be a red-zone specialist during the course of the season.

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