Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seahawks tackle Jones was placed on IR but not to end career

The Seattle Seahawks six-time All-Pro left tackle Walter Jones was eventually placed on the team’s injured reserve list on Wednesday. But the 35-year-old refused to end his NFL career just like this and said he would attempt a return in 2010.
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It is the end of his 2009 season as well as the end of months of trying to return from the two surgeries the nine-time Pro Bowl selection has had on his left knee since he last played last Thanksgiving. Now he needs a rest and to gain enough strength for playing chance in 2010. With riches and nothing left to prove, the pre-eminent left tackle in Seahawks jersey of his time still thinks it is not time to retire.

“Because it’s what I love,” the anchor to Seattle’s offensive line for the last decade said, chuckling. “It’s a game that I have put so much pride in and wanted to be the best at. So I still want to come out and do my job and play this game.”

Jones had microfracture surgery last December and missed his first games due to injury since his rookie season of 1997. He returned in time to take part in Seahawks’ training camp but could not get through it and had a second knee surgery in nine months soon later.

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