Friday, October 9, 2009

Texans LB Cushing excluded of swine flu and returned to practice

After staying home for one day with flu-like symptoms, the Houston Texans rookie linebacker Brian Cushing was excluded of swine flu and returned to practice Thursday in 100% health.
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The Texans has been hit hard b the flu in the past week. And their tight end Anthony Hill was the NFL’s first confirmed case of swine flu. It caused many players to concern about their health and become alert on flu-like symptoms. Fortunately, Hill has recovered from the flu and returned to practice Wednesday, one day before Cushing’s return.

As the Texans’ first-round draft pick at No. 15 overall, Cushing has led the team with 33 tackles. Since he has recovered, Coach Gary Kubiak has said that he would have Cushing play in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals at Arizona.

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