Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eagles RB Westbrook consult with concussion specialists before making career decision

The Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook has not made his decision about his future after sustaining two concussions in one season. Perhaps he will make one after he discussed with some concussion specialists.
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He did. Westbrook visited two concussion specialists in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. After all, having two concussions within three weeks is not a good sign to his NFL career; especially to the running back he had never had concussion during game before his first concussion on Oct. 26 while playing against the Washington Redskins. The next one just came too soon when the Eagles played against the San Diego Chargers, causing a lot to suspect that whether Westbrook, turning into 30, should continue playing football in his Eagles jersey as he became so injury-prone.

According to Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder, Westbrook will first consult with neuropsychologist Mark R. Lovell before meeting with neurosurgeon Joseph Maroon along with Lovell, who has been consulting with the Eagles’ medical staff on Westbrook’s recovery since his first concussion.

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