Friday, December 4, 2009

Jay Cutler does not expect apology from Urlacher

The Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s bearing criticism from teammate just explains well why Cutler jersey is still among the top 10 best selling player jerseys. Instead of getting angry, or at least unhappy, the quarterback said receiver Brian Urlacher did not need to apologize for critical remarks on the quarterback.
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Urlacher questioned the Bears' direction while wondering why they went from emphasizing the run to the pass during an interview last weekend. And such questioning remarks caused a lot to guess he might be unhappy with Cutler’s existence in Chicago.

While bringing the Pro Bowl quarterback from the Denver Broncos gave the Bears quite a lot of hopes in avoiding missing the playoffs for the third year, Cutler has not performed as they expected. The quarterback now leads the NFL with 20 interceptions and the Bears have lost four straight games and six of the last seven games, during which Cutler threw totally 15 interceptions.

Cutler knows he should be blamed for the losses and interceptions, so he understands Urlacher’s frustration with the team’s performance, and said there is no need for the linebacker to apologize.

"You can't take anything personal in this game, especially whenever we're losing," Cutler said. "I'm going to get a lot of blame. I'm aware of that. A lot of it should come my way. I'm understanding of that. I know Brian's frustrated. I'm frustrated. There's not much we can do."

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