Monday, December 7, 2009

Lower-revenue teams will have lower supplemental revenue-sharing from league

As the 2010 season will not have a salary cap, the NFL decided to cut a $100 million annual supplemental revenue-sharing program, which usually subsidizes teams with low revenues.
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After being told the decision, the NFL Players Association decided to challenge the league’s move this week, as the union officials believe the owners can’t terminate the program without the union’s approval. The union is worrying that some teams will not spend competitively because there is no minimum for spending under a non-salary cap system.

The program the league plans to terminate involves the top 15 revenue teams placing funds into a pool from which many of the lower income clubs can draw. It does not include television monies or box office revenues. By so far, nine unidentified franchises have qualified to receive the funds this year.

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