Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chargers WR Jackson will face imprisonment and suspension

The San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson entered his plea on Monday, pleading to DUI charge and accepting sentence for four days in jail and five years of probation. He may also receive a one-game suspension from the league because it has been the second time he was convicted of DUI.

The last time he pleaded guilty to a DUI charge was in 2006 and he was still on probation for that charge when he was arrested again in January 2009. Jackson will also be arraigned on March 2 for driving with a suspended license. It was a few hours before the Chargers’ playoff loss to the New York Jets when Jackson was handcuffed briefly and had his car impounded following a traffic stop that was caused by playing loud music.

According to City Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Gina Coburn, Jackson will pay $2,408 of fine and commit 10 days of public work service. Last time he was ordered to give five days of public work service. The jail time can be served as work release and Jackson can report between now and March 23. Hope this time he learns how to drive in a safe way. As a pro star athlete in NFL jersey, he should at least make sure he is not a public threat to others’ life even if he does not take himself as public example of behavior.

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