Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Texans will keep head coach Kubiak through 2012

With disappointment he saw the Houston Texans miss the playoffs again last season; with admiration he saw the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl victory last Sunday; and with confidence, Texans owner Bob McNair head coach Gary Kubiak will lead the team to a Super Bowl victory soon. With that confident, he gave the coach a contract extension Wednesday.

Under Kubiak, the Texans finished the 2009 season 9-7, the teams’ first winning record for the last eight years. As McNair said, the team has shown “a lot of progress” under Kubiak, so he wanted to maintain continuity by keeping him in charge.

“We have a foundation in place,” McNair said. “We don’t have to go out and establish the foundation, which is what we’ve been doing the last eight years. We’ve got some outstanding players, and we just have to keep building on that. In evaluating where we were and looking at our coaching situation, I believe Gary can take us to the Super Bowl.”Freelance Writing

When 48-year-old Kubiak took over the coaching job in Houston, the Texans just came out of a 2-14 2006 season. After signing a four-year contract with the Texans, Kubiak improved the team to 8-8 in his first coaching season and kept the record for the next season. For the last season, the Texans improved again to 9-7. No wonder the team owner trusts him so much. He just deserves respect from all those loving Texans jerseys.

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