Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cardinals have been ready for LT Gandy’s departure

Although the Arizona Cardinals may lose left tackle Mike Gandy as he may depart as a free agent, they will not have problem with offensive line at all. They have got prepared for Gandy’s departure because they still have right tackle Levi Brown on roster.
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According to Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt, Brown might be moved to left tackle if Gandy chooses to take off Cardinals jersey. Although their primary plan is keeping Brown on the right side because that his specialty is run blocking, they believe Brown could also do well on the left side if the club fails to retain Gandy with a reduced salary.

"I don’t think Levi really cares," Whisenhunt said via the team’s Web site. "The only thing he cares about is running the football because he likes getting on guys and mauling them."

Gandy is likely to leave because he is unwilling to stay with the Cardinals with cut salary. Making $5 million last season, he is expecting to get a great deal done as a free agent. As for the Cardinals, they use young tackles like Brandon Keith and Herman Johnson at right side if they have to move Brown to the left side.

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