Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Archie Manning thanked Brees for fulfilling his dream

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning originally supported his son’s team before the Saints played the Super Bowl XLIV game against the Indianapolis Colts. After his former team beat Colts to win their first Super Bowl championship in club history, Archie Manning was just as happy as any true Saints fans and expressed his appreciation to Drew Brees for leading the Saints to the historical victory.
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Archie Manning was drafted by the Saints in 1971 as a second overall pick and he spent most of his NFL career with the team, which was one of the worst in the league at that time. Although he was highly expected to bring the Saints out of misery with his talents in football, Manning eventually ended his tenure with the team in 1983 without winning any one of his 12 seasons in New Orleans. However, he has been still taken as one of the best Saints quarterbacks. Dreaming of a Super Bowl ring but finishing NFL career without it, Archie Manning always takes that as the most regrettable thing in his life.

As Brees managed to achieve what Archie failed to do, the former leading quarterback of Saints said he was feeling so lucky for being able to witness the most glorious moment as a life-long Saints fan himself that he would like to wear back the Archie Manning jersey to play as a backup for Brees if he was still young enough to do that.

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