Thursday, May 27, 2010

Favre fan won weight-losing competition

If you are at 526-pound fan for Brett Favre, I guess it would be very difficult for you to find a good Brett Favre jersey to fit your body. Actually, the problem is bothering quite a lot of over-weight sports fans, and the story of Michael Vent could teach them something about body building.

Vent has been a fan for Favre since he was pupil and always dreamed of being a star football player like Favre. However, with an inappropriate eating habit, he grew up into a 526-pound fat man, who surely had no chance to become an athlete in any kind of sports. What caused him to determine lose the extra weight was Favre’s performance in 2009. Just as many other people previously believed, Vent did not think Favre could play as excellent as before at age 40. To his surprise, Favre made it and led the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC championship game. Then Vent wondered, if a 40-year-old man could have that kind of success, why could not he himself, at age 25, do a much easier thing like losing weight?

In order to get strong enough motivation, Vent entered for a national weight-losing competition and had the audience supervise his own plan. By the end of the three-month competition, Vent successfully lost more than a half o his body weight to be a 264-pound handsome young man and won the championship of the competition. You can imagine how excited he was for that achievement. Now Vent is planning to buy a favorite Favre jersey and Vikings’ season-ticket with the prize he earned to watch the all the games played by Favre.

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