Thursday, June 17, 2010

Interesting scenes in this summer

This hot summer features a most popular event in South Africa, and the world is suddenly filled with all kinds of soccer elements. I’ve seen soccer-shaped ice-creams, team-logo face marks and even soccer version of Brett Favre jerseys. Fans are enthusiastic about their favorite sports event and cheers are heard everywhere whenever there is a game.

The World Cup is not what I like most for this summer. I like seeing people’s responses to their beloved teams’ wins or losses even more. Their expressions are so lively that you can’t help feeling summer is really a good season for a significant sports event as the heat just matches people’s passions. I like watching people in front of a TV or computer instead of the players on field. The scenes of fans enjoying games are much more interesting than the competitions between teams on screen.

Lady fans’ special ways of expressing their passions to a team are even more worth watching. I believe lady fans’ supports are a significant motivation for soccer players improve themselves. Just imagine a pretty girl crazily mover every parts of her sexy body to cheer for your success in scoring a point, every man will suddenly gather all the remaining energy to score more points.

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