Saturday, June 26, 2010

Would you like doing these jobs?

It’s not wise to always admire others’ jobs as no job is easy to do. Here is a list of some jobs sounding great but actually you may not like doing them for different reasons. After all, if you are unable to learn how to like your current job, you are just tending to find any job boring no matter how exciting it seems at first.
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You may think a job cleaning screens only is simple and requires not many efforts, however, an IMAX screen cleaner would tell you that cleaning the larger-than-life IMAX screens could be one of the hardest job in the world. These screens are always lands for all kinds of dusts and cleaners have to work very hard to make them dust-free. For cleaning a single screen, they may have to empty their vacuum two or three times.

Pet food tester is a stinking job. Well, it’s not so stinky and the tester’s job is only to taste whether the food could be liked by pets. I’m curious on how they know an animal’s taste, but I guess even the animal lover sharing his bed with his pet would not like the idea of tasting his pet’s food. After all, not all animals have the same taste with their owners and some of the foods are really for human’s tongue.

There other jobs you may think they are easy to finish. Like wrinkle chaser, furniture tester and golf ball diver. But each job has its own risks and some may endanger your life. For those who like the jobs, it’s fine, but for those who always complain about what they have to do, no job is good job.

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