Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why Do I like Justin Bieber?

I always judge popularity of a famous singer by my own familiarity with him or her. Even me get to know about such a singer and can’t help knowing more about him/her, that guy must be popular enough to attract as many fans as possible. That’s the case with Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old Canadian singer who seemed to be popular overnight.

I got to know Bieber because one of my friends shared me a video of Teacher in Love. To be honest, I did not like the video much and thought the plot did not make any sense. I was simply surprised by Bieber’s voice. The voice was between a male and female voice and it was all what attracted me at that moment. I was amused and thought: who was he? So I searched his name and got to know how the Canadian boy came from an unknown singing lover to a super star and became a world widely popular idol. His story is now available all around the internet and it’s not necessary to elaborate here. What I want to elaborate here is what I love in Justin Bieber.

Unlike other star singers, who have been well “packaged” by record companies before they perform in front of us, Bieber established his fame on internet first without much commercial promotion. He was become popular with those on YouTube and Facebook before he became a commercial product. He and his camp successfully turned the internet popularity into popularity in real world and Bieber now has fans from all around the world. That’s why me and most people like him: he is not much like a commercial singer, but a boy in neighborhood who likes singing and sings pretty good. The way he sings songs reminds us of the time when we were young. At that time we sing for our beloved person or simply sing to entertain ourselves.

Plus Bieber’s success represents a new version of American dream. I know he is from Canada, but he is so popular with Americans that he is often taken as an American by people from other countries. Besides, his success is related to many Americans, including American records companies and American artist who recognized Bieber’s talents. I guess Bieber and his family did not expect him to become so famous when Bieber’s mother posted the video of the boy singing and playing guitar on YouTube. But still the 16-year-old boy became a super singer star, causing a lot more people to believe that they can achieve something by simply doing what they like doing and doing it the best.

I can imagine when Bieber gets through his mutation, his voice won’t be as special as he is now and he won’t be more popular than other popular singers when he grows up from a boy to a man. However, I like him just what he is now. The voice, the hopes and the way he sings, are all worth remembering for a long time.

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