Sunday, June 14, 2009

QB Vick's sins is a disgrace to the league

If QB Michael Vick is forced to retire or suspended for longer, many people would think that serves him right.

What he did was considered crazy. He treated dogs brutally, told lies to his owner Arthur Blank and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and he gave financial support to an illegal gambling operation across state lines violated the Federal Rico statues. At last the federal authorities could not tolerate him and sentenced him 23 months of imprisonment.

As the end of Vick's confinement is coming near, a lot of people have not recovered from the anger with him. Animal rights groups are painting signs and organizing to protest any team who is willing to sign Vick. Members of the media are encouraging Commissioner Goodell to strip Vick of even more time away from the game with a lengthy suspension.

Really a shame, if the league are aware of their duties they would think so. In my opinion, a player like Vick, howerver good is his playing skill, he should just not appear in public as a star and idols to many young people.Write For Pay

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