Saturday, August 29, 2009

Broncos suspended Pro Bowl WR Marshall for the rest of preseason

It seems that the Denver Broncos neither want to lose Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall nor want to tolerate his “detrimental” conduct any more. So they took measure of suspension.
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Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels informed Marshall on Friday that the team will suspend him for the rest of the preseason and expect him to be back by Sept. 6th to prepare for season opener on Sept. 13th. But will that work for the quarterback who has been demanding a trade and asking for a new contract? I am not so sure, but the team may just think that they need to do something to stop being offended.

Marshall made some boorish antics during Wednesday practice, walking while his teammates ran, punting a ball away instead of handing it to a ball boy and swatting a pass thrown to him. All of the actions were caught on video and broadcast by KMGH-TV. And he explained to reporters the next day that he was just feeling frustrated but not trying to force a trade through insubordination.

Marshall was the second Broncos player who was unhappy with McDaniels since the former New England offensive coordinator was hired in January to succeed the fired Mike Shanahan. The first one was Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler had a quarrel with McDaniels after he knew that the new coach planned to trade him to bring his former New England quarterback, Matt Cassell. Afterwards, Cutler forced a trade to the Chicago Bears, who the Broncos will play against on Sunday night.

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