Monday, August 24, 2009

Burress prepared for prison life by hiring a prison consultant

According to Plaxico Burress’s lawyer Benjamin Brafman, the ex-New York Giants wide receiver already hired a prison consultant to prepare his life behind bars.
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Brafman told reporters that Burress would get advice on “how to use his period of confinement as productively as possible” from the consultant. The 32-year-old former Super Bowl star pleaded guilty to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon on Thursday for shot himself in the thigh last November; the same year he caught the last-minute touchdown that gave the Giants the 2008 Super Bowl championship.

After being sentenced on Sept. 22, Burress will face two years of imprisonment. His prison consultant will help him with how to arrange life in the prison. I guess what the consultant does will reduce Burress’ loss as much as possible for missing two years of football playing. And that should be why prison consultants have become increasingly popular among celebrities and other high-profile people facing incarceration.

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