Saturday, September 26, 2009

McNair’s sons have gone to court seeking for share of estate

After being shot to death without leaving a will, the ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair left his estate to be shared by his families through legal methods. And the two oldest sons have gone to court to seek their share of the estate.
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Steven L. McNair Jr. and Steven O’Bryan McNair filed claims separately on Thursday in Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville. It was over two months after McNair was shot to death by his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, who killed herself afterwards on July 4 at a Nashville apartment. McNair’s most career was spent with the Tennessee Titans and he used to with the Baltimore Ravens briefly before retirement.

The estate is worth about $19.6 million, and there have been no disputes over the division among the player’s widow, Mechelle McNair and the couple’s two sons, who all have retained attorneys.

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