Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quinn gets starting job back but Browns future still in question

As the Cleveland Browns have been frustratingly the worst team among the league, the team is now trying to improve by making changes. Firing general manager is the first step, getting Brady Quinn back to the starting quarterback is the second, and what is the next?
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Originally, Browns Coach Eric Mangini did not consider Quinn as the quarterback that could give the Browns winning chances, but now he has to change his mind as a lot of began to doubt whether he is the right coach that could give the Browns hope of winning. 1—7 start has caused fans to plan protests. It is time for him to do something different than what he did before.

But it just takes times for the coaches to fix disconnect with the quarterback, who also needs time to adjust himself to the team’s formation full of young receivers. It is very likely that the Browns will not have any breakout until a few games later. And it is as hopeless for Cleveland fans to see players wearing Browns jerseys in the playoff.

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