Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miles Austin proved to be real No.1 receiver

No matter how Roy Williams insists that he is still the No.1 receiver of the Dallas Cowboys, facts have showed that the title should be given to the No. 2 receiver wearing No.19 Cowboys jersey, Miles Austin, who led the Cowboys to a 20-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.
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And he made it even he faced consistent double coverage for the first time. The strategy did work for the Eagles as Austin was being held catchless for most of the game. However, it did not work in stop the Cowboys from winning and Austin’s only reception in the fourth quarter was enough for a win: one lapse of the Eagles and Austin got the chance to make the 49-yard touchdown.

It really reminded people of Terrell Owens, who also had the ability to change the entire game on just one catch and run in his prime. Roy Williams has never done this. He blamed Tony Romo of passing the ball accurately to Austin, but he could not promise if he could do as well as Austin even if Romo passed the ball to him.

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