Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s never too short to play good football

As the shortest man wearing the smallest Cleveland Browns jersey, running back Jerome Harrison, at 5-foot-9, has proved to people that it is never too short to play football well.

Having been told too small to play football for as long as he can remember, Harrison is now considered being Cleveland’s best running back.
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“I’ve heard that all my life,” he said, “and I’ve been scoring touchdowns my whole life. Opinions and thoughts don’t define me. Just put in the tape and watch me. Then you can make your opinion.”

Harrison has rushed for 434 yards on 73 carries the past two weeks, out-of-the-blue performances that brought into question why the Browns, whose 32nd-ranked offense has struggled most of the season, didn’t try to use the shifty four-year veteran more earlier in the season.

He also broke Hall of Famer Jim Brown’s single-game record by running 34 times for 286 yards two weeks ago while playing against the Kansas City Chiefs. Last week while playing against the Oakland Raiders, he ran 39 times for 148 yards to set another club record, which one more than Lee Suggs’ record and two more than Brown’s.

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