Friday, February 5, 2010

McAllister will be with Saints during Super Bowl

Although Deuce McAllister does not play game any more for the New Orleans Saints, it seems that the Saints players will be in great mood as long as he was there with them. Kicking consultant John Carney’s words just represent most Saints.

“When I think of Deuce, I think of a player that embodies what we want to be about and we want to represent as a New Orleans Saints,” Carney said. “That is tough, dependable, strong - a guy who’s got strong faith in his abilities, a guy that anybody would want as a teammate and friend.”

Because of operations on each knee, 31-year-old McAllister officially retired last month as there seemed no team to give him chance to play in NFL jersey again. A few days later the Saints decided to re-sign him for a purely ceremonial role when they beat the Arizona Cardinals to win division title. By the end of his playing days with the Saints, McAllister had led the team with 6,096 career rushing yards as well as 55 total touchdowns and 49 rushing TDs.

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