Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saints are also planning to give their No.1 QB contract extension

While recent reports said that the Indianapolis Colts are planning to sign contract extension with their four-time MVP quarterback Peyton Manning, their Super Bowl opponent, the New Orleans Saints will do similar thing to Drew Brees.

While Manning’s contract is to expire after the 2010 season, Brees’ current deal will not expire until the end of the 2011 season. The current contract has made Brees the 17th-highest paid QB in the NFL this season. As the Colts plan to offer Manning the highest pay of the league, I guess the Saints’ offer for contract extension will give Brees some rise in quarterbacks’ payment ranking.

Perhaps it depends on the result of the Super Bowl game on this Sunday. At least Brees’ agent Tom Condon will do his best to strive for largest profit to his clients in both teams’ NFL jerseys- if Manning, who is also represented by Condon, is to get the highest pay, the Saints should show equal sincerity in keeping Brees as the Colts have shown in keeping Manning.

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