Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Saints coach Payton originally wanted to work with Packers

After the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl title in history, their head coach Sean Payton has been considered to be one of the heroes in the New Orleans city. However, the coach himself revealed in his new book that, he originally did not intend to coach the Saints at all.

The new book’s name is "Home Team: Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back to Life", and Payton does not want to hide his original impression with the Saints. He said in the book that he was still expecting a text message from Green Bay Packers officials when he arrived at the airport of New Orleans.

"I really thought there was a good chance I was getting the Packers' job. Without a doubt, Green Bay is where I wanted to go."

Payton said he was disappointed after being told by Ted Thompson, the Packers GM, that he lost the competition to Mike McCarthy. As a result he chose the Saints and proved what an elite coach the Packers had missed. In the first season under the coaching of Payton, the Saints managed to enter the NFC title game. Then, all those in Saints jerseys welcomed their best time in 2009 season and made it to the final victory in the post season. I guess, although he felt frustrated for not being chosen by the Packers, Payton just never regretted for coaching the Saints.Get Chitika | Premium

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