Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vikings still want more wide receivers?

Have a count on the Minnesota Vikings roster, we can find as many as nine names with the title of wide receiver, and quite a few of them are proven talents. Any team with these receivers would be satisfied but they are not the Vikings, who are still planning to add more receives to roster.

According to latest reports, when veteran receiver Marko Mitchell was released by the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, Vikings were among several teams in pursuit of him. However, it turned out to be the Detroit Lions claiming Mitchell off the waiver. Actually both teams made claims, but the Lions happened to have the privilege of making claims because they ranked lower in last season.

What made Mitchell attractive to the Vikings was that he had a solid preseason after being drafted by the Redskins as a seventh-round pick from 2009 NFL draft. The point is the Vikings already have receivers like Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin, who had solider regular-season last year while Mitchell only caught four passes for 32 yards in the 10 regular-season he played. The Vikings seem to be build up a large group of wide receivers, but keep the quarterback mix the almost the same with last season. What is the plan for? Perhaps it’s just one more for to quarterback Brett Favre to wear back his Vikings jersey. The team is like saying: Hey, Favre, choose your favorite pass catchers here, we will offer as many choices as possible.

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