Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saints have no interest in Merriman but in Cofield

According to some recent reports, the New Orleans Saints along with another two unnamed NFL teams had been talking with the San Diego Chargers on a possible trade for linebacker Shawne Merriman, but later reports from other sources said the Saints had no plan to acquire Merriman at all, but they do have a plan to add a defensive tackle.

The clearing reports said that they had official sources confirm what they reported. According to sources, the trade for Merriman is impossible because the Saints at the moment do not want to spend big money on a superstar player. They need to save the money for positions with more urgent needs. Even if Merriman is available and a good fill in the linebacker, adding him would just cost too much for team to carry out their whole team-improving plan as they scheduled.

But we may expect defensive tackle Barry Cofield to leave the New York Giants and put on New Orleans Saints jersey, as the same reports said the same sources confirmed a deal was close to an end between the two teams. However, they also added that the contract was still on a shaky ground as the Saints are unwilling to offer a lucrative long-term contract as Cofield demands. Things are just still in progress.Get Chitika | Premium

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