Friday, May 14, 2010

Vikings rookie Joe Webb may return to QB position

When the Minnesota Vikings picked former UAB quarterback Joe Webb from the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft, their original plan was to use him at wide receiver. However, some time after the rookie minicamp, the coaching staff of the team changed their mind and would like to have a look at the rookie’s ability to passing balls.

Webb had a brilliant college football career as quarterback and showed great skills in running the ball before entering the draft. He also played sometimes at wide receiver and proved himself to be a versatile player capable of playing well at both spots. So it’s understandable for the Vikings coaches to use him as both passer and catcher.

“The coaches liked me (at receiver), liked what I did out there and the athleticism I showed,” Webb said. “They also put me at quarterback and had me throw the ball. They liked the way I threw the ball and now they want me to play quarterback. Right now, it looks like when I go back, I’ll get a shot at quarterback.”

According to reports, Webb will play mostly as a quarterback during the team’s OTAs. Perhaps the team is just preparing for a possible retirement of Brett Favre, who remains undecided on whether to have a knee surgery, let alone to wear back his Vikings jersey.

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