Friday, June 11, 2010

Ask for a salary raise now

If what economists are saying is true, the economy is actually beginning to rebound, and employees should get prepared for a salary rebound, too. However, even though companies do have plans to increase salaries, they are still picky at who is qualified to get more money than others.

Joe Thomas is working as a sales representative for a sportswear company. As a faithful Brett Favre fan and selling Brett Favre jerseys everyday to many people, he himself has had no spare money to afford his favorite player uniforms for a long time. He heard that the company was planning to raise some employees’ salaries, but no one knew who would be the lucky dog. In order to get the chance, Thomas made some more efforts than others and at last he made it to get a 30% salary increase.

What Thomas did sound normal: talking with his boss and working harder. But there were a few differences from normal efforts. First of all, he did not hesitate in starting a conversation. Then, while talking about his demand of salary increase, Thomas did not complaint about unfair treatment he received in the past, instead, he showed the boss what he already did and were going to do to help the company earn more money. Third, he told the boss that he was willing to work whenever he needs him. A fourth thing Thomas did during the observation period was to make new friends all through the company and always offered helps to them. All these together gave Thomas’ boss a great impression and gladly raised this pleasant guy’s salary.

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