Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love birds were separated by bolt

When it should have been the happiest moment for Richard Butler, it turned to be his saddest one as bolt took the life from his girlfriend, Bethany Lott, right before he was going to propose. The tragic story happened on June 7th, when the love birds reached the summit of a North Carolina mountain.

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Lott’s last words were: "God, baby, look how beautiful it is." Then a bolt hit both of her and her boyfriend, who was holding a engagement ring in his pocket and preparing for what to say to propose. When Butler woke he found his beloved girl a few feet away without consciousness. Butler crawled to her and did CPR for 15 minutes but the girl did not wake up. Later, paramedic arrived to give further help, and Butler used his last strength to put the engage ring onto Lott’s finger. The man was happy that he was listed as her fiancé in the obituaries.

Lott had always been an outdoor lovers and she used to tell her boyfriend that she wanted to get married at the spot she died, and that’s why Butler chose the spot to make the engagement. The couple had a lot of plans, including a plan to put on the same Terry Bradshaw jersey to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers games. The long-time Steelers fans lost their chance to witness Steelers win Super Bowl again forever.

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