Thursday, June 4, 2009

Browns WR Stallworth is trying to avoid 15 years of imprisonment

Miami police said that Browns WR Stallworth was driving under the influence alcohol on March 14th and caused a fatal car crash, which killed a pedestrian.

During a brief court hearing on Thursday, Stallworth did not appear, but his defense attorney Christopher Lyons entered a plea of not-guilty. The trial date has not been set.

The 28-year-old WR has begun his professional career since 7 years ago. He used play for the Saints, the Eagles and the Patriots before he came to the Browns. He is now free on $200,000 bail and is required to abstain from alcohol and observe a curfew. He also isn't allowed to drive. If he will be concited, he will have to face up to 15 years of imprisonment.Write For Pay

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