Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Graham and the Bengals remain far apart about long-term deal

July 15 is the deadline for the Bengals to sign Shayne Graham to a long-term deal. Yeah, just one day left, but it appears as if the team and kicker remain far apart.

“The Bengals put the franchise tag on Shayne for the 2009 season acknowledging that he is a vital part of the team. However, we disagree as to his long term value,” said Graham’s agent, Rob Roche. “Shayne has been an 87.4 percent kicker for the Bengals, and he is committed to maintaining his excellent kicking for them this upcoming season. We remain open to continue further discussions with the Bengals for a long term deal.” Even so, Graham has no plan to wear dallas cowboys jerseys.
Write for Pay

If both parties have not reached any agreement by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, they will have to resueme negotiations only after the regular season ends. And if Graham agrees to be tagged, he will earn $2.483 million this season.

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