Monday, July 13, 2009

8,000 was expected at McNair funeral in Miss.

At the funeral for former NFL quarterback Steve McNair on the University of Southern Mississippi campus, capacity crowd of 8,000 was there to pay their last respects.

The funeral for McNair, who was shot and killed by a girlfriend who then killed herself, comes a day after hundreds lined up in his hometown of Mount Olive in southern Mississippi to pay their respects. A lot of people drove from nearby states and joined the locals parking cars and trucks on the side of the four-lane divided highway that runs beside Reeves Funeral Home, some even drove hours to attend the funeral. Some wore jets jersey.

“He was a great man despite the end. He was a great man. I can’t judge him, can’t judge anyone. We all make mistakes,” Glenda Felder said. She was 54 and followed McNair’s career since he was drafted by the then-Houston Oilers in 1995.

McNair's hometown, Mount Olive, had a banner hanging underneath town sign saying McNair would not be forgotten.

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