Friday, November 6, 2009

Houshmandzadeh is shocked with fuss in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks current wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh tried to express he was totally a different receiver from Steve Largent. He did not think it necessary for people in Seattle to fuss about his way of express his feelings.

Perhaps people in Seattle were just used to their star receivers being quiet yet ultra productive like Largent, but Largent has been the past, Houshmandzadeh is Houshmandzadeh himself and he obviously does not like to behave like another person.

“I like myself, man, I really do,” Houshmandzadeh said Friday. The receiver angrily gestured toward quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to throw the ball more loft in the first quarter last weekend in Dallas. And in the third quarter, Houshmandzadeh was seen angrily shouting on the sidelines following the end of another possession in Seattle’s eventual blowout loss. The NFL’s leading receiver the previous three seasons had only 35 receptions in seven games with Seahawks.

Houshmandzadeh simply did not think there is any problem in his gestures or comments, as he said, he has been doing that since he put on NFL jersey and his former teammates from the Cincinnati Bengals were even surprised to see him not doing that until Game 7.

There is no necessary link between productivity and mode of act, so Seattle fans should be getting used to their outspoken wide receiver from now on.

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