Friday, November 6, 2009

Jaguars to face fourth blackout of season

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not anticipated selling out any home games in 2009 season, so it is not beyond expectation for them to face this season’s fourth blackout on this Sunday.

There is really nothing attractive of the game. 3-4 Jaguars plays against 1-6 Kansas City Chiefs. The attendance will be even lower than the last home game on Oct. 18- only 42,088 attended the game against the St. Louis Rams.
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Because of the economic climate, about 17,000 fans opted not to renew their season tickets this year- the main reason for low attendance and blackouts of Jaguars’ games. But there are teams who have not had to face blackout. KK, the Jaguars gave another explanation: the franchise has small market and they are trying to extend it.

Hope they will at least manage to avoid one blackout when Indianapolis Colts visit on Dec. 17. But I guess a lot of attending fans will be wearing Colts jerseys.

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