Saturday, October 16, 2010

Even with learning disability they still have great success

The learning disability we mention here is dyslexia, which can impair one’s ability to read. Those with such learning disability have difficulty in reading as letters often appear jumbled to them. Many people with dyslexia can feel overwhelmed by a simple page of text. It is estimated that five to seventeen percent of population around the world are suffering dyslexia, and many of them still managed to make much greater achievement than most of us healthy people.

Here is a list of 50 famously successful people who are dyslexic. After reading this you will amazingly find that dyslexics are rarely alone and have gone onto accomplish amazing and incredible feats in just about every arena imaginable. They cover fields of acting, music, politics, science, and even writing, the seemingly most impossible career for a dyslexic.

Many people love Tom Cruise and his roles, but few ever know that he was diagnosed with dyslexia at age seven. He struggled very hard to complete his academic studies before finding his calling in acting. Tom Cruise has garnered a lot of awards with his excellent performance in notable films such as “Risky Business”, “Top Gun”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Valkyrie” and “A Few Good Men”.

Keanu Reeves is one of the most private actors in Hollywood and his dyslexia is a bit of a myth. Born in Lebanon, he was raised in various countries before becoming well known for playing the goofy, loveable guy in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Later he had even more impressive performance in films like “Speed” and “Point Break” and developed into cult status with a starring role in “The Matrix” series.

Robin Williams once played a role in the then popular series “Happy Days”, and such experience helped him get a starring role in the hit series “Mork and Mindy”. The latter series changed the way the whole world would watch comedy. If you are too young to know these series, you may have heard more of his films such as “Dead Poets Society”, “Good Morning, Vietnam”, “Aladdin” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”. His most impressive performance would be in the film “Good Will Hunting” which led to Robin’s winning of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Throughout Robin’s acting career, he has won two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Grammy Awards, and that makes few people realize that Robin has to suffer dyslexia throughout his life.

Despite dyslexia, Billy Bob Thornton is well known for his role in “Slingblade” in a writing, directing and starring capacity for which he won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. He also had excellent performance in films like “On Deadly Ground” and “Tombstone”. He is now a blues rock singer and best known as Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband.

Orlando Bloom is popular across the globe mostly because of his role in “The Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. While fighting against dyslexia, he achieves more than acting. The native of Canterbury, England was recently named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

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